Theo Chino against NYDFS
An Article 78 lawsuit against the executive branch overreach and the Abolition of the BitLicense.

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News Clippings
New York Law Journal: Potential Pitfalls of the BitLicense.

Coindesk: Judge Dismisses Long-Shot Bid to Overturn New York Bitcoin Regulation.

New York Daily News: Man at center of bitcoin-bodega lawsuit wants Paul Krugman to testify.

Bitcoin.Com: Judge's Decision to Delay Bitlicense Hearing Considered a 'Positive Step'

Coindesk: Still Alive: NY Judge Delays Decision in Fight Against BitLicense.

BTC-Echo: Bitcoin: Währung oder Rohstoff? Der Fall Theo Chino aus New York.

CrowdFund Insider: BitLicense Battle: Hearing Scheduled for Chino vs. NYDFS, Following $1 Billion Claim in Damages.

Crypto Insider: New York Bitlicense: Oct. 10 court challenge may have worldwide bitcoin implications.

BTCManager: Bitcoin Foundation Fights Back Against Stifling Regulation in the US.

Independent: Bitcoin Foundation seeks legal protection from US currency regulation.

ITPro: Bitcoin news: Bitcoin Foundation readies legal team for US regulation battle.

BlockTribune: Bitcoin Foundation Retains Legal Counsel to Battle Regulators.

CryptoNinjas: Bitcoin Foundation retains counsel in its efforts to rid stifling Bitcoin regulations.

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten: US-Regierung will Offenlegung von Bitcoin-Guthaben bei Einreise in die USA. News: Updates in the Case Against the BitLicense.

Crypto Insider: The Morpheus case: competing theories on what it means for the rest of us.

ETHNews: ULC's Uniform Regulation Of Virtual Currency Businesses Act Creates Divide.

Internation Business Times: United Kingdom Boosts Fintech While Americans Threaten To Suffocate Bitcoin.

Crowfund Insider: The Bitcoin Foundation Asks Regulators to Push Pause on Regulating Virtual Currency.

Bitcoin Magazine: Some Small Movement in Cryptocurrency Regulatory Challenges This Week.

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock: Theo Chino and Pierre Ciric interview about challenging New York's bitcoin regulation. 纽约比特币许可证仍然耸立 西奥奇诺起诉NYDFS被驳回.

InfoCoin: The Bitlicense Battle on the Supreme Court Begins in Two Weeks. News: The One Man Supreme Court Bitlicense Battle Begins in Two Weeks.

BitsOnline: Legal Challenge to New York's BitLicense to Begin Soon.

The Cointelegraph: Bitcoin Foundation Backs "Final Opportunity" To Get New York's BitLicense Thrown Out.

WBAI 99.5 FM: Off The Hook () - Emmanuel Goldstein (), RobT Firefly (), BernieS, Kyle, volt4ire () and Alex () from 2600 () explaining this article 78 lawsuit. (18 minutes)

Full show on 2600's website: (Air Date: March 29th 2017)

ETHNews: Virtual Currency Businessman's Legal Battle Against BitLicense Enforcement.

Bitcoin Center: Judge sides with Bitcoiners in defiance of the State Regulators' request to get BitLicense case thrown out.

Payments Compliance: New York BitLicense Dispute Faces Day In Court.

Bitcoin Mining: Arguments in New York Court With A French Bitcoiner.

CEI Blog: New York's "BitLicense" on Trial. News: A French Bitcoiner Argues in New York Court its too early to Regulate Bitcoin.

Before It's News: Affidavit of Jim Harper in support of a lawsuit challenging the New York Department of Financial Services BitLicense regulations.

Dash Times: BitLicense Court Case is Coming to an End Soon.

Bitcoin Uncensored's Stage B: 2017 NABC with Theo Chino and Pierre Cyric of the Ciric law firm. ()

The Cointelegraph: Theo Chino: NY Authorities Are Using Bitcoiners in New York as Guinea Pigs.

You Me and BTC: Article 78 – YMB Podcast E147 explaining this article 78 lawsuit. (18 minutes)
NewsBTC: NY BitLicense Under Scrutiny After Bitcoiner Files Lawsuit Against NYDFS.

CoinDesk: One Man's Fight Against the BitLicense Wages On.

Reuters: New York's bitcoin hub dreams fade.

Bitcoin FR: Théo Chino : un candidat atypique.

French Morning: wants to save bitcoin in New York.

French Morning: Un Français veut sauver Bitcoin à New York.